Trish "Sees" How to Cross the Jordan

"As I was seeking to hear from God, I received an invitation to a Jubilee Conference. The night before the conference I decided to sleep in instead. What do you do when your eyes just pop open and you’re wide-awake on a Saturday morning? You get up and go to the conference. It was clear the Lord wanted me there, as I woke up pain free which is not usually the case with a chronic back condition. The Lord is faithful and had been preparing me for what I was about to hear. I had no idea what the conference was really about, but I recall a conversation with a friend earlier that week about how I could see the Promised Land, but I just wasn’t sure how to get there. I had also had a dream a week before the conference that used the same terminology that was used in one of the exercises we completed at the conference. The Jubilee Conference can speak to you wherever you are in your Christian walk. I left with a clarity of purpose that I had not had before, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go and I did not roll over and go back to sleep!"   -

Patricia Moss
Waco, TX

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