Special thanks to the following people for their invaluable and much appreciated contributions to the development of Jubilee...



Jodi Wheatley - a faithful and creative member of the Jubilee team from its inception, Jodi put together the PowerPoint presentation, developed the skit and secured visual props.

Lin Watson - the supportive and encouraging husband of Jubilee founder (Jan),  Lin has provided technical support in the development and presentation of the conferences.

Michelle Merritt -a graphic designer with special insight into making ideas "visual," Michelle helped develop printed materials and information for the website.

Brad Tallman - the creative builder of Jubilee props.

Doug Scoggins - Jubilee's initial website designer.

Terry Escue - the producer of  "God's Great Promise and Plan," a book containing the main teaching and illustrations of Jubilee.

Nancy Miller - a faithful friend who has believed in the importance of the Jubilee message from the beginning and hosted the first Jubilee conference.

Alexis Priddy/YellowWebMonkey Design Team - the finalizing website design team.