Jan Watson...

janand her husband have been married for 47 years and have one daughter who is a college professor in Vermont.  Jan found Jesus at the age of nine in a small town, Kansas church.  Life went on “as usual” prior to her immediate family moving to Texas in the early ’90’s.


With a certification in elementary education, Jan "thought" that this would be her role in the new South terrain as her husband took up his professional position and her daughter entered high school.  God blessed her with many rich years of teaching and sought her trust IN Him when a crisis with the daughter spanned what, at the time, seemed an endless number of years. A "friend", turned Sister in Christ, took Jan DEEP into God's Word where answers and consolation were received.

Unfortunately, Jan took on a new identity of "fixer" following this time of revelation and became emotionally involved with a "fixee" outside of the marriage.

God allowed her time with “eyes set on the world” to bring her to the realization of her need for a “new life”.  Reading “Handbook to Happiness” by Dr. Charles Solomon during the earlier “crisis time” brought her into understanding of her true identity and later, through study with Exchanged Life Ministries, she saw that we who are “called” are to be “Spirit dwellers”.  From Galatians 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ, yet I live…”, Jan’s life was dramatically changed!  She began to “hear” from the Lord and spent the early morning, waking hour(s) searching for the personal message that had been written just to her, but that had remained hidden until her life was totally “sold out — surrendered” to the “Author and Finisher of her faith” (Heb. 12:2).

Jan has authored several books for elementary math teachers and is now in pursuit of sharing the message of “New Life IN Christ” through authored works conferences, and personal testimony.