Tracy Moore Kleypas...

kleypassmall is a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and published author.  She has recently published her debut title “The Wagon”, a children’s book about a world and her journey through it.


After living in the Waco area for the last eight years, her family has recently made the transition to life in San Antonio, Texas.  Tracy, her husband Kent and their three daughters are a living example of how God can suddenly transform us from being lost in an utter wilderness to being found in the sweet presence of Christ through His mercy and grace.  Presently she is also a key leader and speaker along with other Christian women authors and spiritual leaders in producing a Christian women's conference in the Central Texas area and beyond.

Tracy is a native Texan and grew up in the Fort Davis area with her parents and 4 siblings.  She received her Bachelor’s of Psychology from San Angelo State University in 1991.  Since graduating she has worked as a social worker, became a devoted wife and mother, served in her community and church in many areas and served as president of the board of her local homeschool association.

Her many roles in life have seasoned her writing skills and given her great material for many books.  Presently she homeschools her children, feeds her family as naturally as possible, including maker her own fresh whole wheat bread, and writes Christian books in her spare time.  The desire of her heart is to bless others while sharing the truth.